Purple Haze all in my Nails

It’s like an acid trip for your manicure!

I’d seen this online many years ago, and now that I’m older and wiser, I figured I’d give it a try. I’ll warn you it’s a multi-step process that gets worse before it gets better. There are pros out there that can probably do it so cleanly, but you and I are presumably not them. Let it be dirty, let it be free-flowing. 

Step 1: Gather supplies 

You’ll need…

  • A couple (2 or 3) colored nail polishes
  • A base and top coat
  • A small plastic bowl of cold water (one you don’t mind potentially ruining)
  • A couple Q-tips
  • A couple toothpicks
  • An old rag (one you don’t mind potentially ruining)
  • Nail polish remover
  • and Chapstick or Vaseline (not pictured)

(Step 1.5: Start with clean nails.)

Step 2: Rub Chapstick or Vaseline all around your nail bed, the tip of you fingers, and on your top knuckles. In general, give all the skin in the area a good coating. You’ll thank me later. 

Step 3: Put a base coat on your nails. 

Step 4: Make stained glass. Take the lid off polish number one, pour 6-9 drops into the bowl of cold water. Recap. Repeat for other colors. 

*Tip* Use less drops of the darkest color. It’ll stand out more than you think. 

Step 5: Use toothpick to gently swirl colors together. 

*Tip* Use a light hand and short stirs.

Step 6: Dip fingernails in water. Do one hand at a time, all five fingers together, evenly spaced. Try to get as little of your actual fingers in the polish (less clean up. 

Step 7: Let polish half dry. Meanwhile, pick up leftover polish in the bowl with a toothpick and throw it away. It should come out in one lump.

Step 8: Drop the same colors and amounts (or if you’re feeling adventurous try different colors!) into the cold water. Swirl again. 

Step 9: Dip other hand, all five fingers, evenly spaced. Let half dry.

Step 10: Go back to the first hand. Peel off the polish around the nail as best as you can. It should come off pretty easily. If you did an extensive and wide coat of Chapstick, this should be ace for you.

Step 11: While the second hand is drying you can clean up your water. Throw away the extra polish and put the bowl in the sink, you’re done with it. 

*Tip* Try cleaning the bowl with nail polish remover first and then soap. But that’s for later.

Step 12: Peel the extra polish off the second hand. Throw all that grossness away. 

Step 13: Get some nail polish remover on the rag and clean off the fingers and any large areas with polish on it. Don’t get too close to the nails with that bulky rag, you’ll ruin your nails. 

Step 14: Go in with a q-tip damp with nail polish remover (damp not soaked) and clean up around the nail and any detail areas.

Step 15: Put on top coat and let dry.


Ps. This will take practice. Just have fun with it. 




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