Tulsa Vaca Day 1

The fam decided to take a 2-day trip to Tulsa, OK during our Spring Break. We had free tickets to the zoo there, anyway, so why not make an outing of it? Par for the course of every family outing, we were meant to leave at 10 am, but didn’t get on the road until 11. I blame the sister, mostly, and the tiny butts (my darling kitties) for being too cuddly. Not to worry, our first activity wasn’t until 3:30 that afternoon. We had plenty of time to get there. 

Until we got halfway there and realized we forgot the zoo tickets in the kitchen. Welp, let’s turn this puppy around. 

Rearmed with the tickets, we took off again. Three episodes of Good Job Brain, one car sickness pill, and a couple hours later we arrived only slightly worse for wear. We only had enough time to change and pee before we had to dash off to our appointment.

The three of us made 60 minute appointments for massages at Stone Creek in Tulsa. Now, mind you, I’d never had a massage in my life. I was apparently booked in for a classic with moderate pressure with an added hot stone aspect. To be honest, they could have given me the full-on Ross treatment with spoons and Tonka trucks and I would’ve been happy, but it was nothing like that at all. 

The fam opted to start out in the sauna; get the juices flowing. Little did I know that claustrophobia flourishes proudly in small closets filled with hot steam. Weird. I walked in…and walked back out. 

Phew. No, I can do this. I can do this. I’m not afraid of fucking water vapor. 

The next 15 minutes were braved with my back on the bench and the cold towel plastered to my face while I engaged Pranayama. 

When the kind lady announced it was time to move to the massage room I actually yelped in joy. Not only was my day about to get exponentially better, but I had braved my fear! I did it! Oh, good Lord, I could’ve cried I was so proud of myself. With sticky skin and a full heart, we were led into a dimly lit, lightly-scented room. My mom had her own room, but the sister and I were side by side for this one. 

Can I say, massages are a gift from God! My girl was nice and made my whole body literal limp noodles. She’d pick up my arm to position it and it just hung there in her hand. A classic massage is apparently a mix of multiple massage techniques. I was kneaded, poked, rubbed, chopped, and pulled happily. The hot stones were used in abundance. 

Little secret? I didn’t know what that hot sensation was until the very end when sister was like, man, those hot stones were awesome. I was like, oh awesome! I thought the wet heat was some sort of erotic lube. 😥

Also. I forgot to shave my legs before I went…Don’t worry, I tipped well. 

The sister ended up picking out an espresso candle that she won’t stop burning in her room now. All in all, an amazing first experience with massage therapy. Shout out to Stone Creek. (They even gave us little welcome gifts for our first time.)

Our other main event for the day was that we simply must visit the casino across the street from our hotel. Another thing I’d never done! Don’t underestimate my intelligence now. I had no dreams of winning big, only distant hope. I left my money in a safe place and only took a twenty to play with. I signed up for the player’s club card and acrued a whopping dozen or so play points that I couldn’t do anything with. BUT the point is I walked in with this

And walked out with this

Boiiiiiii!! 😎

Had a little drinky poo, won some moolah, and fell into bed with my bra on. Vaca Day 2 coming soon…



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