Revlon Contour Trio

Revlon is by far my absolute favorite drug store makeup brand. I use their foundation, concealer, lip products. I love the formula, the packaging, the variety. So recently I decided to try their Photoready Instafix sticks. Just yesterday I picked up the Highlighting Stick in Pink Light. 

My contour shades are 120 Vanilla for the light and 180 Rich Ginger for the dark. 

These are great for a subtle yet effective everyday look. The soft pink is very spring. 

I put my light contour across my cheeks in an sort of scalene triangle, down the bridge of my nose, small triangle on my forehead, dime size circle on the round of my chin, and two stripes right above my jaw line. I always use more light than dark because it tends to fade more than the dark contour. 

My dark contour goes just above the hollow of my cheeks, across my forehead and on my temples, on both side of my nose (extending up into my brows), under the middle of my bottom lip, and a tiny bit under my jaw. 

It blends out so nicely. I’ve used both a sponge and a brush. I prefer the sponge, but in general I like to use a sponge for contour to be more precise. Still, if you prefer a brush you totally can. Because this is an everyday look I use a light hand and blend out well. If you’re wanting a more dramatic look, these sticks are very buildable.

I only leave mascara and a final swipe of lipgloss to do after my highlight. There it is on my cheek and brow bone…

And on my nose. Ah! So pretty.

And here’s the final look!

I love the color, love the formula, love the variety of shades. And that pink just adds a little pop. 

Status: Highly recommend!



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