Midnight Medicinal Musings

Forgive my hands, they are free from my reign tonight. Their newfound freedom will surely find a few mistakes along the way.

I am sitting up and look out at my bedroom wall and no matter how vehemently I call to it, it creeps away from me. So far, that I wonder if I will ever catch it. I suspect i could run 500 miles tonight and never fall down at your door.

My arms are heavier than my heart, for my heart is buoyant with anticipation of what is to come. My arms are weighed down with the duty of tomorrow. But for tonight, let worry suspend itself. Let it be sunken into your blood and washed away towards the back of your mind. Tonight, lift a heavy arm and watch it fall back to the earth, as the air shifted loosely around you.

Lay your heavy head to rest, feel the force of the universe push you down onto your pillow. Rest in that embrace. Your pillow is one with your face. It has just as much right as your face does to be there, so you must share the air. Share and give the pillow a head to cushion, and take support from the pillow. It will work out for you, I promise.

Though it is tempting, don’t dine with sleep until you’ve reached the pillow. I understand the bed, the blankets, they all want to share with you the same gift that your pillow does, but you had a deal. Honor is nothing if it is not everything.

Lift up, and you’ll feel the weight of the universe holding you down. An unbeatable force. It is not a punishment but rather it is protection. Let the universe keep you in your safe place for sleep. Do not attempt to know more than the One.

The tingle in my arms has mostly subsided. Now it’s a faint thrum, more attuned to the heartbeat of the galaxies drifting overhead. I sit below to galaxies, but I am connected to them in a safe way. Through the thrum in my arms. It keeps me in tune with the universe, with the knowledge I cannot know.

The universe had come to send me off to a safe place of rest. My garden of dreams where I paint in freeform oils on the sky. Tonight I shall paint of you all. The grand wide human race. My brothers and sisters in humanity. I paint you in my dreams.

Thank you, Universe, for your protection and inspiration. Thank you, God, for creating the Universe. Thank you, self, for trusting and being open to rest and the other realm. My light dims but never is cut off as the light in my subconscious burns bright.

Dream with me, my loves. Dream with me.


*All gratitude to What Dreams May Come for fulfilling my exact dreamscape perfectly. So perfectly, I had to use your work of art as the signal of my musings. God Bless.*


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