Idk (Cafe) Why You Wouldn’t Eat Here

Yesterday was Easter for a grand majority of my bible belt town and the surrounding area. I reprimanded myself when I considered joggers for the day and ended up in a terribly cute outfit. Skirt and all. 

Church was nice, not typically Easter-y, which was actually good. Pastor informed us that at least 12+ people got saved this weekend and we all got excited about that. As an Assembly of God patron, I do two things very well. Worship. And eat. 

I eat free things especially well. 

Enter Idk? Cafe. They were having an Easter Brunch yesterday that was by donation only, AND all of that money went to their suspended meal program. Their suspended meal program allows people to walk in anytime and ask for a meal, free of charge. 

Ham. Sausage. Eggs. French toast. Bacon. Bbq pork. Hash browns. Quiche. PIE. And so much more.


I was ON IT. 

The staff was great. Kind and happy to be there doing something good for the community. It was a small crew but they were fast and efficient, and not without a smile. 

I went back for a little bit of extras and they didn’t even judge me! 

We as a people use Easter as a reason to eat candy, or go to church once a year. But it doesn’t matter what religion you are, if you’re religious or not, Idk? Cafe had the right idea. Every single day is a good day to do something nice. 

Thank you for the food, and thank you for all you do, Idk? Cafe.



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