Tulsa Vaca Day 2

As per usual, we planned on getting up bright and early so we could get to the zoo before the crowd, but it took us a good three hours to get ready and eat breakfast. We finally got to the zoo around noon, just likr every other visitor. It only took us ten minutes to find a spot, which really isn’t bad for a public place like that. 

My family got our tickets for freeeee from our church, two adult tickets and two kids tickets. We could upgrade one to an adult for a couple bucks and otherwise get in free, but we’d waste the extra one. So what did we do?

I stopped the first family I saw with a kid and offered them the ticket. Which they graciously took. Selfishly, it felt awesome to make their day. 

Once inside, we procured a map and looked over the whole thing even though we’d been to this zoo before. Things were different this time. The most obvious was construction. They were getting ready to debut a huge new exhibit, which meant half the zoo was off limits. 😦 I would be sad about that, but we didn’t even make it through all that was open.

We started with the primates! Our absolute favorite. (Maybe we should’ve saved it for last.) Monkeys and apes. Now, for the sake of the dear sister’s sanity, I must note. Gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees (etc) are NOT monkeys. They are apes. Monkeys have tails, apes do not. 

The more you know.

Here are the most adorable family of chimps. They even have a new, defiant baby!

Some of the animals we saw were only little cubs and fawns and whatnot. 

That’s a little attic fox babe!

And the cutest new baby wildcat!

I just can’t with the babies. They look so cute I just wanna cuddle them. (Note: Please, do NOT cuddle wild animals, babies or not. Because that’s what these are.)

The amount of birds in the zoo was almost exhausting, but here is my favorites. 

I made a joke about ducks in row for that one, of course. 

The most notable birds in the place though were the handful of our nation’s bird. Bald eagles. All rescued or injured and unable to live in the wild. 

You can see one of this bird’s wings doesn’t extended out fully. 

This is the mommy of the bunch, and she was sitting atop a little nest of eggs when we walked up. Then she promptly covered them with twigs and such, made a loud kaw, letting everyone know she was leaving the nest, and boasted around the area loudly. What a momma bear.

Then, we made it to the safari parts. Open field animals and large cats and such. This is also some of my favorite stuff. Who doesn’t love the lions?

Wild boars. Just giant blobs. It’s oddly cute. 

Pause: This is where we broke for lunch. We had an overpriced, under-seasoned chicken wrap, cheeseburger, or chicken strips. Not good. But hey, food. They had good fruit, though!

The wittle kitties. They were soooo lazy. They even had a little pool to lay in and got water everywhere.

The lions! The female was out in the sun when we walked up but then joined the male in the shade and literally just plopped right on top of him. He didn’t protest.

Okay, I wanna say these are rhinos, but I so distinctly remember there being an informative plaque about the difference between species of these animals and these were something else. Maybe. I don’t know. They were filthy though, just layer over layer of mud they’d rolled in. 

The giraffes! My second favorite. There were two bigger ones and a smaller one. They had a balcony thing you could climb up to and see them from their height. Very cool. 

Here’s where we gave in. There was one other exhibit we just waved at as we passed and didn’t go in. Our feet were howling and our car was calling. And I really needed a Sprite. So, we took the last of our energy and shuffled out of the zoo. 

The zoo is a regular family trip and every time it’s a great time. I advice you take your own lunch (Tulsa allows outside food and drinks inside). Bring water. Bring a hat and sunscreen. And pick wisely in case you don’t see them all. 



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