Be first in someone’s heart

There are two types of people: the ones that give and the ones that take. The worst thing in the world for a person that gives and gives until they’ve nothing left to give, is to be surrounded by people that take. More often than not, people that take don’t even see it, they don’t realize that they’re just sucking energy and life from someone. 

More people should be people that take. We all need, generally more than we have, but most are too scared to take it. My mind is the further thing from materialist at the moment so stay with me. People need time, love, safety. People that give need that especially. 

They’re like a rainforest that keeps cutting its trees down for lodging and paper, but never get replanted by the ones they supply. Then, when we’ve lost all of our rainforests, we ask, why can’t I breathe?

In the end, the givers and the takers both lose. 

People that take aren’t bad, they’re necessary. Without them, people that give would go out of their minds. There’d be no little giddy feeling inside the hearts of givers without someone to give to. Like anything else in this world; there must be bad to have good, there must be death to have life, and all that. 

It’s not opposing forces that ruin us, it’s unequal opposing forces. 

Some advise for all the givers out there: find someone to be first to. Find someone that thinks of you first, puts you first. Find another giver that gives as much as you do, maybe. And so what if they’re only a giver to you, and a taker from everyone else, I don’t think that would be a coincidence. 

Don’t ever be afraid of giving, just be weary of giving everything. 


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