Rays of Hope for the Sunshine School

As my mom and I were driving down the main road of our vastly growing small town, we saw the silhouette of people atop the newest multi-story office building. My first reaction was confusion and worry, but her’s was excitement. Her, “Oh, I didn’t know that was today!” took me back a step, like there was some sordid holiday for dubious rooftop activity. “What’s today?” I’d asked.

Apparently, someone had the genius idea to let common civilians repel off a building to raise money for the Sunshine School. NWA Sunshine School and Development Center is an bright place for special needs people and people with disabilities. They offer education and therapies. It’s known as a place of pride for our community, and to hear we were doing something so unique for such a unique place, it made me smile wide.

We pulled into the parking lot just in time so see a set of men preparing to go over the edge. The sun was setting just as they tied themselves in, and it made for a beautiful picture. A beautiful picture for a beautiful idea. They started together, lowering inch by inch, but soon the man on the right pulled ahead while the man on the left chose caution. Or, maybe he was savoring the moment; I know I would have.

They both made it safely down the side, all the way to the ground, smiles stretched over their faces. The two were greeted by safety volunteers at the bottom and a crowd of cheers. I was glad I got to witness it. My only regret was I didn’t get a chance to do it myself.




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